Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box - Trolling Motor Power Center - Great For Inflatable Boats!
29 views · Jul 19, 2022
Check out to learn more. The Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box worked out great on my latest expedition. You can find out more at . I bought a new inflatable boat from, which is the Saturn SD488. This is a 16 foot boat that I am pushing along with a 55lb thrust trolling motor. 

This is all being powered by my new waterproof battery box. You may be wondering why is this a smart marine battery box? It does several things that helps you out while you are out on the water or even possible out of power in your house. 

1. Charge Power Meter - This shows the level of the charge
2. 10amp and 60amp breaker switches - This stops power to the USB/9v or the terminals in case the amperage goes above the regulated levels. 
3. USB Port - plug in your phone or whatever else
4. 9v Port - Plug in whatever you can get to connect to this like a fishfinder
5. Screw on terminals - This helps to easy attach your electronics or motor
6. Battery Box with ventilation - In case you aren't using a seal battery it is allowed to off-gas as necessary
7. Sturdy Strap
8. Easy To Carry Handle
9. Rubber Feet
10. 2 Year Warranty

As you can see all great things about this battery box go on and on. However, it still has problems if it is not used correctly. I have listed this known issues below. You can find references within the Amazon listing.

1. Terminals melt when using the trolling motor at top speed for too long
2. USB sometimes doesn't want to work
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