The Fishing Weekend Sucks - Learn How You Can Fish Everyday!
592 views · Jul 19, 2022
The fishing weekend has truly sucked all the fun out of fishing. You should simply visit and learn how you can go fishing everyday! 

I have spent a lot of time make this website and helpful documentation to help the 9-5 employee with a family find time to go fishing. It is near and dear to my heart because I had that exact problem. I had a "AH HA" moment and it all worked and I want it to work for you.

I even made a 45 page PDF to help you catch more and bigger bass. You can download it for FREE here


Hello, Dwight Norris of today we're gonna be talking about the fishing weekend now from us fishermen, the weekend is the day that you finally get time to go fishing. Whether you've been waiting a week, or a month, or maybe a year, maybe you're here in the northeast, or somewhere north of
the center of the US,
you have to do with ice and snow and wind and frozen lakes and ponds. And
when the spring season comes around, and the bass responding, oh man, you want to get out there all the time. But like most people
like 99%, maybe more you have to get a job if you don't have a job and if you do have a job you have to be at that job from nine to five get to make ends meet you get to put food on the table get to put a roof over your head
and if you have children you pay for education he had to spend that quality time I approve of that like anybody else would and you have other priorities that are buying for your time and all the while you want to go fishing but if you looked around and look at this website here is YouTube fishing weekend you look up and boom it was talking about oh the fishing weekend trips come spend your whole weekend like you actually have a whole weekend to do anything and spin it you know hunting and fishing
which is awesome awesome budget the plan
it to tell people I'm going to be here Don't bother me. I'm talking about no trash, talking about eating doing any any yard work. No DIY crap. This is time for me to go fishing and you have to schedule this. And this only happens every so often. But we all know in our brain that we want to go fishing every day. And that is the cusp of what fishing is about me trying to help you go fishing more often. Now I'm waiting for the people ask me more questions. Haven't seen too much. There's a couple people that are interacting locally because they see that I'm local them fishing in local waters as awesome but the people I want to help are everywhere people in their office jobs people are forgotten that they're fishermen I for a very small mountain time fee. I was fishing a fisherman and I was focused on getting my skills up at work you know getting that promotion getting that raise working on the next job. Oh yeah. isn't going at well that move it up like I want to. Not skilled enough. Like I want to that making the money I want to. But yet I still have to do what I have to do. gotta pay those bills. cap of food on table gotta keep a roof over your head. And all the while fishing the slips away terms a distant memory, something from your childhood. Maybe I remember my childhood. I fished almost every day from way around three years old, which I told before. In my previous videos. My son caught his first fish by himself at two and a half years old. All I did was third out like five feet. I don't know if it was even that far
bigger bass part about two and a half, maybe two snatched it and almost pulled him in. He managed to reel it in somehow.
since then, he's been hot. There's no better feeling
a fish polyester line. And you're filling it in. And the joy, the fulfillment when you catch that fish. You you've done something for yourself something that takes a lot of skill and you've done it at such a young Hey, do you want to repeat that? That feeling that that joy,
that elation, whatever we want to call it like releases endorphins or some kind of hormones that make you feel good. somebody out there knows which one it is. I don't care which one it is long as it's doing that's good. What more of those feel good feelings and everyday that don't get those feelings is a sad day.
And for most people that's at your job. You fill this on Sunday night like it is right now. It's Sunday evening
and you're like, Damn, I got to go back to work. I get my crap ready. I gotta get my mind. Right. They have to remember what the hell I was working on Friday and figure it out for the week. And I had to do all these other things as well. Check out my fishing this weekend. You know sure. But what's a weekend's over? There's five days
you're given five days and getting to In what world please some business? Would that work out? Would you ever give somebody $5 and for them to give you two doesn't make any sense. It doesn't add up the math isn't correct. So what do you do about that?
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